The Right Way To Do Wrong


Discover the wisdom of knowing the right way to do wrong. As relevant in the 21st century as when it was written!

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A peek into the methods & means of underworld criminals

“I really like this book. Despite being written over a hundred years ago it still gives you a comprehensive overview of scams and methods that can be used by criminals nowadays. Consider reading/listening this book if you want to raise your awareness and minimise chances of falling victim to sophisticated tricks and traps. It’s enjoyable and entertaining book written by the legend master of honest deception.” ~Reader Review

“I’ve listened to the audiobook a couple of times. Working my way through the ebook. I agree that there’s a large amount of very useful information in there. Plus dynamite late 19th & early 20th century slang! I will definitely be recommending this to people.” ~Reader Review


Originally written in 1906 by Harry Houdini himself. It was published to great controversy. Many claimed we was educating the next generation of swindlers, but it was not his goal.

His main drive for writing the book was not to teach grifters, but protect the innocent and honest citizens of America. His reasoning was this: teach someone the methods of cheats, and they will be better equipped to recognize when those methods are being deployed on him.

This gives the Average Joe more time to plan his escape, decline the fraudulent investment, or avoid the crooked game before it’s too late. Each man is his own keeper, but he needs all the help he can get.

This is a book that’s more than 100 years old, yet the techniques are still in use today so it’s being brought back from the pages of history to the earbuds of today. Recorded in high quality mp3 you can import to any audio management library and learn the right way to do wrong!