Obsidian Habit Tracker Vault


This is the vault I used in a video on my YouTube channel that teaches you how to make an automated daily habit tracker in Obsidian.

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Once you buy the vault, you’ll be able to download the zip file. Unzip and then go to Obsidian. Open vault > from folder > select the folder (make sure you know where you put it when you unzipped it!), and it will ask if you trust the vault creator.

Select “yes” and it will load. Then you’ll be able to see the templates, looks at the plug-in settings, and everything else.

That way you’ll be able to re-build it in your own existing system, or use it as the foundation for a new approach.



This is provided “as is” with no refunds. I’ve tested it on Mac & Windows, and I’ve had lots of people tell me that it worked for them without a hitch.

Your vault, however, might be weird or you have some setting or other plugin that might interfere with the vault. I am not be able to provide tech support or direct coaching / consulting to make this work in your particular instance.

If you’re cool with finding your way around Obsidian, you’re golden. If you’re nervous about getting your hands dirty, then this is a great time to learn!

Thanks for checking this out, and I hope you have fun with it!